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Ever liked Nancy Drew? This is the 007 of applied mathematical fields, where you develop strategies of sending secret messages across the internet without hackers or members of the public being able to see their content. This field is not only hugely relevant to all modern tech, but is rapidly evolving in the dawn on quantum mechanics. 



Introduction to Modern Cryptography by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell
Understanding Cryptography by Christof Paar and Jan Pelzl
An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography by Jill Pipher and Jeffrey Hoffstein  



The Mathematics of Cryptography  (a series!)

Computer Science section of 3 Blue 1 Brown

Online Courses

Cryptography I and II by Stanford

Cybersecurity Basics by IBM

Unlocking Information Security I: From Cryptography to Buffer Overflows (better for if you want to learn cryptography within the wider scope of Cybersecurity

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