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Maths Lectures vs Videos

Watching real mathematicians talk about maths is key to getting better at maths. These sorts of resources mainly fall into two categories (which I try to distinguish in the Topics section).

1. Maths Public Lectures

There are hundreds of areas to study in Maths - where to begin? Often the choice is daunting, and I for one often find myself feeling rather under-qualified to approach anything new.

Going to a lecture and getting inspired by an area of maths is a brilliant way to start. I'm sure you have heard it before, but nothing is a better motivator than excitement. Additionally, Mathematics professors (with their years of experience) often know the best way of communicating concepts, which can save you a lot of puzzling.

However, in this category, broad oversimplifications are often made for the sake a clarity and concision. It is important to use these as a starting point, but more research should always be done if you want to claim to know anything about that topic!

You can find these sorts of lectures hosted at local universities, or on university youtube channels.

2. Maths educational videos

Personally, I prefer to begin learning new maths topics by reading a bit about it online before jumping into a textbook or book. Very often, I will come across some terminology I am not familiar with, or some repeated language which I can't wrap my head around and I will have NO IDEA what is going on.

A Maths educational video might be a serious of connected lectures designed for a specific course, or a longer video on a specific problem or concept. These will often involve animations, and links to other useful videos. (see my post on Maths videos for specific sites I recommend)

Looking up 'Lecture series' followed by the maths topic is often a good place to start, or looking on some famous channels like the ones I have talked about in other posts.

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